Reasons to legalize marijuana and vaporize it?

Reasons to legalize marijuana and vaporize it

# 1 : Marijuana is less harmful than other legal drugs namely alcohol and cigarettes, and you can vape weed with portable vaporizer. Why is it illegal when these other drugs aren’t?

Not enough is known about the long-term effects of marijuana – even more so with the recent introduction of the stronger hybrid buds. Is it worth legalising the substance when in 30 years time an epidemic of schizophrenia hits the world?

And whilst certain strains of Marijuana may be less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes – comparing it against other substances simply isn’t good enough. The legal status of a substance should be based purely on the damage it inflicts upon the user and society as a whole. Since this isn’t known at the moment it’s understandable that governments are reluctant to legalise it – after all they’d be the ones to take the rap if everything went wrong with legalisation like smoking for medical reason with vaporizers for weed. On the market are lots of very good vaporizers for marijuana.

Reason #2 : Legalising marijuana would reduce the grasp that criminal gangs have on the drug and the user. People wouldn’t have to go to a dealer for some weed, instead they could simply enter a store and buy some and start to vape with vaporizers.

Marijuana’s status as a gateway drug is unjustified, at least chemically in my eyes. We should be looking at the social aspect of this more. Obviously if someone wants a deal they’ll have to approach a dealer. And who better is there to put them in touch with other drugs?

Reason #3: If we legalise marijuana we could begin addressing the real issues such as poverty and social & racial discrimination.

Why don’t we start addressing the real issues now? Why should this only commence after the legalisation of the plant? There definitely should be more open debate about why people use marijuana and other substances, that way as a society we would be able to gather a clearer picture of it’s benefits.

Legalising marijuana could send out the message that it can be consumed without fear of any health reprecussions – which obviously isn’t true. The link between self exploration and drug education needs to be explictly dealt with in schools so that users natually question why they use the substance in the first place.

It’s important to note that if marijuana was legalised – conditions in deprived areas could worsen which is why the social ramifications of legalisation must be fully assessed beforehand.

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